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10 courses matching "spanish"
 course # days starts  cost
EXGEN 3741 Advanced Conversational Spanish: Perspectivas TBA
EXGEN 3163 Spanish Conversation TBA
EXSLC 3119 Spanish Module 1
W Jan 14 $295
T Feb 24 $295
T May 5 $295
MTWR Jul 6 $295
EXSLC 3125 Spanish Module 2
T Jan 13 $295
W Mar 18 $295
T May 5 $295
EXSLC 3377 Spanish Module 3
W Jan 14 $375
TR May 12 $375
EXSLC 3132 Spanish Module 4
M Jan 12 $375
W Apr 8 $375
EXSLC 3157 Spanish Module 5
M Apr 20 $375
EXSLC 3200 Spanish Seminar 1 TBA
EXSLC 3259 Spanish Seminar 2
R Jan 15 $495
EXGEN 3427 Spanish for Travelers TBA
M-Monday T-Tuesday W-Wednesday R-Thursday F-Friday S-Saturday D-Sunday

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