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10 courses matching "spanish"
 course # days starts  cost
EXGEN 3741 Advanced Conversational Spanish: Perspectivas
W Sep 21 $295
EXGEN 3163 Spanish Conversation TBA
EXSLC 3119 Spanish Module 1
W Sep 7 $295
MW Oct 17 $295
M Oct 24 $295
W Jan 11 $295
R Mar 9 $295
EXSLC 3125 Spanish Module 2
W Sep 7 $295
W Oct 26 $295
M Jan 9 $295
MW Feb 6 $295
W Mar 8 $295
EXSLC 3377 Spanish Module 3
M Sep 12 $395
W Jan 11 $395
EXSLC 3132 Spanish Module 4
full M Jan 9 $395
M Jan 9 $395
EXSLC 3157 Spanish Module 5 TBA
EXSLC 3200 Spanish Seminar 1
R Sep 8 $495
EXSLC 3259 Spanish Seminar 2
R Jan 12 $495
EXGEN 3427 Spanish for Travelers TBA
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general studies
program credit
Residential Interiors Open Certificate
Spanish Language Open Certificate
Visual Arts Open Certificate
Languages, Writing, Creativity
Communications & Technology Open Master's
Community Engagement Studies Open Citation
Languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese Open
Language: Spanish Open Certificate
Writing & Editing Open
Community Engagement Studies Open Citation
Applied Land Use Planning Open Certificate
Information Access and Protection of Privacy Open Certificate
Local Government / Municipal Administration Open Certificate
Business Analysis Open Citation
Management Open Certificates
Purchasing Management Open Diploma
Risk Management Open Designation
Supervisory Development Open Citation
assorted Open
Applied Geostatistics Open Certificate
Construction Administration Open Certificate
Environmental Resource Management Open Certificate
Occupational Health & Safety Open Certificate
assorted Open
Adult & Continuing Education Open Certificate

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