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Supervisory Development

Immense global competition, the need to maximize output with fewer workers, and technological change are some of the new pressures that exist for today’s leaders. These issues are compounded by an influx of educated workers who prefer not to work under older management styles. As a result, organizations need to develop new strategies and techniques to lead their employees.

For over 40 years, the Supervisory Development Citation has provided existing, prospective, and new supervisors with the essential theory and skills required to be effective leaders within their organizations. Begin adding value to your organization and your career by enhancing your potential with the Supervisory Development Program.

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For general interest students:

  • 7 courses available
  • Anyone may register in any course without enrolling in a program
  • You can be a 'general studies' or an audit student
  • Use online checkout or call our registration office at 780.492.3116

For program credit:

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Program in detail:

Citation Overview

  • Part-time study 6-24 months (on average)
  • 7 courses all offered downtown
  • Apply now start any time

Qualifying for Admission

As the University of Alberta’s primary resource for continuing education, we bring the university to the public through high-impact, part-time programs. We welcome students with a variety of educational and professional backgrounds.

Core competencies of our graduates

  • Students are offered the most up-to-date information available
  • Critical performance areas such as interpersonal leadership, planning, organizing, evaluating, and standard-setting are all reviewed
  • Core leadership skills, including communications, human relations, coaching/counseling, instruction skills and interviewing techniques, are learned
  • Supervisors learn how collective agreements and labour laws impact their roles
  • Emerging issues such as team development, quality, creative thinking
  • The program is designed to be practical, rather than theoretical, and each course has a focus on skill application
  • Instructors in the program are chosen for their ability to provide practical, relevant material, garnered through personal education and experience. Students have ample opportunity, and are encouraged, to discuss issues that apply to them and their worksite
  • The program is continually adapted to reflect changes and new developments in the theory and practice of supervision

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